In Defense of New Year’s Resolutions (and Why NOW Is the Time to Declare Yours)

Marathon runner and vegetarian, Matt Fazier talks about creating your New Years resolution for 2013. He’s right, it’s not one of those things that just magically happens on the 1st of January, yet a long process that requires hard work and dedication like anything else! We assume that our minds will change when the new year comes: don’t ever think it’ll be this easy.

For me, changing my diet and exercise habits has taken a gruelling six months of experimenting with foods, reading articles and working my arse off. I had to remind myself of why I wanted this change. People ask me how I did it and truth is, I’m still in the process of reaching my health goal. Health is a lifelong choice we have to make for ourselves and when we feel good on the inside it shows through our social, spiritual and physical selves. Yes you will slip up every now and then, but this is how we come back stronger. Remind yourself it’s okay to not be perfect, everyone needs a break from routine. It’s natural.

Make next year your attitude turning point. Start with small steps and your well being will follow suit. Happy 2013!

Lauren xx

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